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Upper Intermediate Spanish Lesson 32: How to describe similarities in Spanish

This lesson is part of the Upper-Intermediate Spanish Course
(74 Spanish video or mp3 lessons. 4 hrs 3 mins)

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In this free Spanish video lesson we will look at Spanish similarities – how to say in Spanish that someone or something looks like…, is similar in…, or is identical to…. We will also see how to say that two people are “like two peas in a pod” and, on the flip side, how to say that someone doesn’t look like someone else at all. This Spanish lesson picks up on the different uses of the Spanish verb Parecer, as discussed in the previous two lessons. Here we see “Se parece…” in the Spanish phrases Se parece a… (He looks like …) and Se parece en (He is similar in …). If you haven’t already seen the previous two Spanish video lessons I definitely recommend going back and reviewing them whenever you can as Parecer and Parecerse are very commonly used Spanish verbs and well worth practising. I always say that as well as making yourself clear and confident with all of the key Spanish grammar structures it is vital to have a long list of Spanish verbs, Spanish vocabulary and Spanish phrases up your sleeve so that you don’t have to keep fishing for your Spanish to English dictionary. I remember my first year living in England and how annoying it was constantly referring to my dictionary mid sentence. If you can learn ten or so new words and phrases every day you will be in a much better position to enjoy a relaxed and assured conversation in Spanish. Don’t forget, though, that when you learn your list of Spanish verbs there will more often than not be many different English definitions depending on how and when that particular Spanish verb is used.

Lesson notes:

Se parece a… : He looks like …

Se parece en: He is similar in …: Ana se parece a su padre en el carácter: Ana is similar to her father in character

Es idéntico/a a…/ Es clavado/a a / Es igual a…: He/She is identical to…: Pedro es clavado a su hermano: Pedro is identical to his brother

Son como dos gotas de agua: They are like two peas in a pod

No se parece a…: He/She doesn´t look like…

No se parece en nada a …: He doesn´t look like … at all


Make your own sentences practising the different structures…

Se parece a…
Se parece en
Es idéntico/a a…/ Es clavado/a a / Es igual a…
No se parece a…
No se parece en nada a …

Here are some possible answers to the last activity:

Me parece ridículo que te enfades
Me parece exagerado que Carmen y José se divorcien por una discusión
Me parece interesante ir a ese museo
Me parece raro nadar en el mar en invierno

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