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Intermediate Spanish Course

In this free Spanish video lesson we will learn about agreeing in Spanish with common Spanish phrases such as ¡Claro que sí! (Of course!), Evidentemente (Evidently) and Estoy de acuerdo (I agree). We will continue the theme with two more Spanish lessons that will highlight how to express partial agreement, how to disagree, and how to say no or disagree colloquially in Spanish. These Spanish phrases are all really commonly used in everyday Spanish conversation. Spanish people are famous for loving a good “debate” and animated, high volume discussions are commonplace in the Spanish streets and parks. Once you are confident enough with your level of Spanish to join in on one of these debates you will be in for a great time. Spanish people do like to talk with passion and at high volume, but we very rarely truly lose our tempers. My theory is that we “let everything out” so readily that nothing is every bottled up and left to fester into malice. It is a huge generalisation of course, but I think that Spanish people are honest, open, down-to-earth and relaxed. Don’t mistake a heated debate for an argument and don’t be afraid to speak your mind. People don’t easily take offence and the raised voices, stamping feet and waving arms are all pure theatre.

Lesson notes:

To agree in Spanish:

Estoy de acuerdo: I agree
Vale: OK
¡Claro que sí!: Of course!
¡Muy bien dicho!: Well said!
En efecto: Indeed
Por supuesto: Of course
Estoy a favor: I am in favour
Evidentemente: Evidently
Lógico: Logically
Es indudable: There is no doubt about it
Es obvio: It’s obvious
Soy de la misma opinión: I am of the same opinion


Translate the following…

Estoy de acuerdo
Por supuesto
Soy de la misma opinión
¡Claro que sí!

Here are the answers to the last activity:

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