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Intermediate Spanish Course

In this free Spanish video lesson we will see more about how to organise texts and presentations in Spanish with advanced level Spanish phrases and writing structures such as Desde mi punto de vista… (From my point of view…) and Por un lado … aunque por otro… (On one hand… although on the other hand…). We will concentrate on Spanish phrases to present your point of view and the views of others, to contrast ideas and to conclude. This continues the theme from the previous Spanish lesson which looked more at writing in Spanish to a high level with Spanish phrases to present the main subject of your text or presentation, to introduce different points, and to add or list different points. We have already looked a little at the basics of writing in Spanish earlier in the course with various Spanish video lessons highlighting key phrases and structures used when writing a letter in Spanish. I recommend that you review those lessons sometime as well and practice as much as possible using all of the new Spanish phrases and structures you have collected. It might be a good idea to prepare a short presentation in Spanish on a topic that you have a particular interest and to try to write it as well as you possibly can with lots of different, high level grammar structures, vocabulary and phrases.

Lesson notes:

To present your point of view:

En mi opinion…: In my opinion…
Estoy convencido de …: I am convinced of….
Lo que yo creo es que…: What I believe is that…
Desde mi punto de vista…: From my point of view…

To present the point of view of others:

Según…: According to…
Para…: For….
En opinion de…: In the opinion of….

To contrast ideas:

Por un lado … aunque por otro…: On one hand…although on the other hand…
Hay quienes opinan que… mientras que otros: There are people who think… while others…
Hay una diferencia fundamental entre… y…: There is a fundamental difference between… and…
Parece que… pero en realidad…: It seems that… but in reality…

To conclude:

Para terminar…: To finish
En conclusión…: In conclusion
Para concluir…: To conclude
El tema que estamos tratando se puede resumir de esta manera…: We can sum up like this…


Continue your text from the last lesson using the new expressions from this new Spanish lesson

Here are the answers to the last activity:

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