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In this Spanish we will see some useful Spanish cooking vocabulary for cooking utensils such as “Sartén” (frying pan), Plato (plate), and Tenedor (fork). This continues the theme from the previous video lesson when we saw useful Spanish cooking verbs such as “Asar” (to roast), Guisar (to stew), and Hacer a la parrilla (to grill). It is really important to get a good balance in your knowledge of Spanish grammar, Spanish vocabulary and Spanish expressions. I will try my best to give you a bit of everything in this Spanish course, but don’t forget that it is up to you to practice what you have learned and to do as much reading, writing, speaking and listening in Spanish throughout the week. Some students fall into the trap of concentrating too much on only collecting lots of vocabulary or only studying all of the grammar and so find themselves lacking, in one department or another, when they are faced with real conversation. A good idea with these Spanish verbs and vocabulary is to label your cooking utensils with their equivalent names in Spanish and any verbs that are related to them. This way whenever you, for example, pick up a knife you will see that it is called “Cuchillo” in Spanish and you can “Cortar” (to cut) with it.

Lesson notes:

Sartén: Frying pan
Cazuela: Saucepan
Plato: Plate
Vaso: Glass
Fuente: Serving dish
Ensaladera: Salad bowl
Tenedor: Fork
Cuchillo: Knife
Cuchara: Spoon
Cucharita: Teaspoon
Servilleta: Napkin
Cazo: Small saucepan
Colador: Colander
Olla a presión: Pressure cooker


Translate the following…

Serving dish
Salad bowl
Frying pan
Small saucepan

Here are the answers to the last activity:


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