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Intermediate Spanish Course

In this Spanish video lesson we will see Spanish vocabulary related to treatments and medication in Spanish for common illnesses such as Pastillas (Tablets), Calmante (Tranquilizer), and Tiritas (Plasters). This continues the theme from the previous Spanish lesson where we looked at common illnesses in Spanish such as Sarpullido (Rash), Ardor de estómago (Heart burn), and Gripe (Flu). It is really important to know how to manage if you fall ill on a trip to Spain or Latin America and you will also find Spanish video lessons available in this course on how to manage in Spanish at a Doctor’s. The Spanish vocabulary in this video lesson will help you to purchase effective treatments in a Pharmacy and understand treatments prescribed by a doctor. I recommend that you practice using these fourteen new Spanish words in example sentences using all of the key Spanish grammar structures you have already learned. Think about the possible situations you could find yourself in and write out lots of practice sentences to explain how you are feeling and what you need to get better. Practice really does make perfect. If you don’t practice with the new words you have learned the chances are that they will go in one ear and out the other. I hope you never have to use them for real!

Lesson notes:

Pastillas: Tablets
Cápsulas: Capsules
Ampollas: Ampoule
Parches: Patches
Calmante: Tranquilizer
Laxante: Laxative
Jarabe: Medicine syrup
Sobres: Sachets
Pomada/crema: Cream
Espray: Spray
Tiritas: Plasters
Venda: Bandage
Botiquín: First aid box
Convalecencia: Convalescence


Translate the following…

First aid box

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Gripe A
Ardor de estómago

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