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Intermediate Spanish Course

In this free Spanish video lesson we will learn some useful colloquial Spanish vocabulary related to going out and socialising. Colloquial Spanish vocabulary and phrases are not always found in your typical “Learn Spanish” textbooks, but it is my opinion that it is vital that any Spanish student is aware of how people really speak on the street today. If you shut yourself off from colloquial Spanish you run the risk of getting frequently lost in conversation and sounding out of touch and unnatural in the way you form your sentences. The previous Spanish lesson also looked at the use of colloquial Spanish and I will be introducing much more of this in future lessons. In this lesson we will look at Spanish vocabulary that will be useful if you are lucky enough to enjoy a night out on the town somewhere in Spain or Latin America and want to join in typical conversations about drinking and letting one’s hair down. I hardly ever drink alcohol, and I would never wish to promote heavy drinking, but I must say that it is amazing how good you can suddenly start speaking a foreign language after a few drinks! I suppose that it must have something to do with losing your inhibitions, relaxing and talking with more confidence. The key element, however, is to have only “a few” drinks. If you have too many then you will invariably forget everything you have studied, understand little to nothing and speak total gobledygook.

Lesson notes:

Unas copas: Some alcoholic drinks
Currar: To work
La paga: Pocket money
Los colegas: The friends
El calimocho: A popular drink made with red wine and coca-cola
Mogollón: Loads/Lots
Un garito: A pub
Molar: To like
Resacón: Big hangover
Buen rollo: Good atmosphere
La basca/La peña: People
Estar hasta arriba: To be drunk
Entonarse: To get slightly merry
Armar bronca: To cause a disturbance


Translate the following…

A pub
To work
The friends

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Don’t talk rubbish!
No way!
Get away! / What are you talking about!
But, what are you saying?

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