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In this Spanish lesson we are going to see some typical Spanish expressions that are used to respond to other people’s comments and opinons. These include Espero que sí (I hope so), A ver si es verdad (Let´s see if that is true), ¿Tú crees? No sé yo (Do you think so? I’m not so sure) and ¡Qué horror! (That’s terrible!). There are so many little phrases and expressions that people use every day that quite often cannot be understand through grammar and vocabulary knowledge alone. If you analyse literally a lot of common phrases in your own language you will find that they actually make very little sense and this is how a foreign ear will hear them. For this reason it is so important for you, the Spanish language student, to be aware of a vast range of different every day Spanish phrases and expressions such as the ones listed below. The best way to remember them is by using them in conversation and by having fun with them. Listen to the way that Spanish speakers use phrases such as ¡Sí hombre! (Of course!) or ¡Lo que nos faltaba! (That’s just what we need!) and try to copy their tone of voice and gestures. We really get quite animated when use these types of expressions and you can have great fun joining in the theatre.

Lesson notes:

Eso no te lo crees ni tú: Not even you believe that
Ya me gustaría, ya: I would love to
Espero que sí: I hope so
A ver si es verdad: Let´s see if that is true
Yo no lo veo tan claro: I don´t see it that easy/clear
Pero ¿Qué dices? Eso es imposible: What are you saying? That is imposible!
¡Ni que lo digas!: You don´t say!/ Tell me about it
No sé, no sé: I really don´t know
Yo también lo creo: I think so too
¡Lo que nos faltaba!: That is just what we need!
¿Tú crees? No sé yo…: Do you think so? I am not so sure
¡Sí hombre!: Of course
No me digas… ¡Qué horror!: Really! That is terrible!
¡Ojalá!: Hopefully / I wish
Seguro que sí: Of course / Definitely
No creo: I don´t think so


Translate the following…

I hope so.
You don´t say!
I think so too.
Even you don´t believe that.
I don´t see it as clear.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Quizás Antonio trabaje en esa oficina.
Probablemente vaya a Inglaterra el año que viene.
Es possible que no vea la película.
Posiblemente todavía están trabajando.

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