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In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn the irregular Spanish verbs used with The Present Perfect in Spanish – El Pretérito Perfecto. This is the second in a series of five video lessons on the topic of The Present Perfect in Spanish, which is an fundamental Spanish grammar tense and one that you will use a lot in everyday conversation. In the previous lesson we looked at how to make regular Spanish past participles to use with this grammar tense depending on whether the Spanish verb ended in -ar, -er or -ir and practiced making example sentences with an -ar verb Trabajar (to work) for all of the different persons. Unfortunately there are invariably exceptions to every rule and it is vital to be aware of all of the irregularities in addition to learning and remembering all of the main “regular” grammar rules. There are never that many irregular Spanish verbs connected to any one specific grammar tense, so take your time, relax and look upon them as a challenge. If you make yourself aware of them and start practising right away you will be amazed at how quickly you remember them.

Lesson notes:

Abrir – abierto: Opened
Resolver – resuelto: Resolved
Poner – puesto: Put
Hacer – hecho: Done
Cubrir – cubierto: Covered
Romper – roto: Broken
Volver – vuelto: Returned
Descubrir – descubierto: Discovered
Escribir – escrito: Written
Decir – dicho: Said
Ver – visto: Seen


Translate the following…

He has written
We have opened
What have you said? (formal)
They have covered
What have you done? (group)

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Hemos hablado
Han comido
He vivido
¿Has tenido?
Han leído

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