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This is the final Spanish lesson in a series of five lessons about The Present Continuous in Spanish – El Presente Continuo (estar + gerundio) – which we use to say what we are doing at the moment. This new Spanish grammar tense, El Presente Continuo, is a really easy tense to learn and use. Its use translates well to English and it is structured in a very similar way. The key is to have lots of Spanish verbs up your sleeve and to be clear on the different verb endings according to whether the verb ends in -ar, -er or -ir. In this fifth Spanish lesson about The Present Continuous in Spanish we will see how to describe two actions occurring at the same time. In the previous lessons we looked at how to construct the verb endings for the regular Spanish gerundios, irregular Spanish gerundios such as “pudiendo”, “riendo” and “leyendo”, example sentences illustrating the use of El Presente Continuo and how this grammar tense is used with reflexive Spanish verbs. I defintely recommend reviewing these past lessons before and after watching this next video lesson. El Presente Continuo is formed with Estar + gerundio in a similar way that The Present Continuous in English is formed with Verb “To be” and a gerund. Gerunds in English are verbs that end in -ing and gerundios in Spanish are verbs that end in either -ando or -endo.

Lesson notes:

Me ducho cantando: I shower singing
Venimos hablando por teléfono: We come talking on the phone
Ana estudia escuchando música: Ana studies listening to music
José y Pepa escriben una carta llorando: José and Pepa write a letter crying
¿Comes viendo la televisión?: Do you eat watching TV?
Cocino escuchando la radio: I cook listening to the radio
Carlos habla pensando en otra cosa: Carlos speaks thinking of something else


Translate the following…

Do you study watching TV?
I don´t drive speaking on the phone
We wait in the station reading a book
He cooks reading a recipe book

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Se está levantando / Está levantándose
Me estoy lavando las manos / Estoy lavándome las manos
Se están despertando / Están despertándose
No nos estamos peinando / no estamos peinándonos
¿Te estás poniendo una chaqueta? / ¿Estás poniéndote una chaqueta?

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