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Pre-Intermediate Spanish Lesson 41: The basics of how to write a letter in Spanish

In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn the basics of how to write a letter in Spanish. We will see how to date, start and finish a letter in Spanish with phrases such as Querido/a… or Estimado/a… (Dear…), Te escribo para darte las gracias por… (I am writing you to thank you for…) and Un cordial saludo... (Regards…). Writing a letter in Spanish is a really important skill to aquire and one that will enable you to search out lots of opportunities to practice and develop your Spanish writing skills. If you have Spanish speaking friends I am sure they would love to receive a letter and there are many ways to source out online opportunities to practice your writing. Usually the way we write an email in Spanish is slightly different to the way we write a letter, but if you can find an online buddy to practice sending emails I am sure he or she won’t mind if your messages sound a bit more formal at first. The more you practice the better of course you will write. It takes time to get a feel for any language and the best way to develop that next level is to practice with native speakers. I am always available if you fancy taking live online lessons with me and full details of my classes can be found by clicking here.

Lesson notes:

(Día) de (mes) de (año): (Day) of (month) (year)
Querido/a: Dear (informal)
Estimado/a señor/+a: Dear (formal)
Gracias por…: Thank you for…
Te escribo para darte las gracias por: I am writing you to thank you for… (informal)
Le escribo para darle las gracias por: I am writing you to thank you for… (formal)
Un saludo: Regards (informal)
Besos: Kisses (informal)
Un beso: A kiss (informal)
Un abrazo: A hug (informal)
Un cordial saludo: Regards (formal)
Atentamente: Attentively (formal)


Write a short letter to your friend Pablo thanking him for his invitation to a party tomorrow night.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Venimos de Madrid.
Va a Méjico en avión.
Carla llega a Nueva York.
Sonia y Beatriz se van de Londres.
¿Vienes a Inglaterra muy a menudo?

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