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In this lesson we will learn how to manage taking or making telephone calls in Spanish with lots of useful phrases for speaking on the telephone in Spanish. Speaking on the telephone in Spanish can be quite daunting for the beginner level student. Suddenly we do not have the help of body language and it is more difficult to slow the other person down or to blag your way through a conversation. Your Spanish listening skills and your Spanish conversation skills have to on the money. The only way, however, to get the point where you are really confident and proficient speaking on the telephone in Spanish is to jump right in and make a few mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This is the only way to improve your Spanish conversation skills. Try not to get embarrassed. Be proud of yourself that you are making the effort to speak another language and be assured that you will get there in the end. Here in this Spanish lesson we will see various typical phrases that we use when taking or making telephone calls such as: Dígame (What you say when you answer the phone), Ahora se pone (I´ll get him/her) and Bueno, te dejo (Well, I´ll leave you to it).

Lesson notes:

Dígame: (What you say when you answer the phone)
Aló: (What you say when you answer the phone)
¿Sí?: (What you say when you answer the phone)
¿Se encuentra (nombre)?: Is (name) there? (formal)
¿Puedo hablar con (nombre)?: Can I speak to (name)?
¿Podría hablar con (nombre)?: Could I speak to (name)?
¿Está (nombre)?: Is (name) there? (informal)
Sí, soy yo: Speaking.
Ahora se pone: I´ll get him/her.
¿De parte de quién?: Who is calling?
¿Quién lo llama?: Who is calling?
Pues eso es todo. Muchas gracias: Well, that is everything, thank you very much.
Bueno, te dejo: Well, I´ll leave you to it.
Nos vemos: We´ll see each other soon.
Hasta luego: See you later.
Adiós: Goodbye.


Make a telephone dialogue in Spanish following these guidelines…

Ring ring!
María: (Answer the phone)
Jorge: (Say hello and ask for Lola)
María: (Ask who is calling)
Jorge: (Identify yourself)
María: (Say that you are going to ask her to take the phone)
Lola: (Say hello to Jorge)
Jorge: (Say hello and ask her to go to the cinema this evening at 9.00pm)
Lola: (Say that is OK for you)
Jorge: (Finish the conversation)
Lola: (Say goodbye)
Jorge: (Say goodbye)

Here are some possible answers for the last activity:

¿Estudias viendo la television?
No conduzco hablando por teléfono.
Esperamos en la estación leyendo un libro.
Cocina leyendo un libro de recetas.

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