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Pre Intermediate Spanish Course

Pre-Intermediate Spanish Lesson 45: Spanish Past Simple El Pretérito Indefinido (Part 3)

This is the third Spanish lesson in a series of five Spanish video lessons about the Spanish Past Simple El Pretérito Indefinido. In this course we have already looked at four other Spanish grammar tenses: the Present Tense in Spanish to describe things we usually do, the Future Tense in Spanish that is the equivalent to Going to… in English, the Present Perfect in Spanish to describe things we have done in the past and the Present Continuous in Spanish which we use to say what we are doing at the moment. We will now learn more about how to be able to talk about things we did in the past in Spanish using the very useful and fundamentally important Spanish grammar tense El Pretérito Indefinido. The key at this stage is to have lots of Spanish verbs up your sleeve and to be clear on the different verb endings according to whether the verb ends in -ar, -er or -ir. In this third Spanish lesson about the Spanish Past Simple El Pretérito Indefinido we will look at its irregular verbs: those verbs which unfortunately do not follow the regular grammar rules. In the previous Spanish lessons about the Spanish Past Simple El Pretérito Indefinido we looked at how to construct the verb endings for the regular Spanish verbs and useful key words used with El Pretérito Indefinido such as Hace… (…ago) and …pasado (last…).

Lesson notes:

(yo) fui: I was/went
(tú) fuiste: you were/went (informal)
(usted) fue: you were/went (formal)
(él/ella) fue: he/she was/went
(nosotros/as) fuimos: we were/went
(vosotros/as) fuisteis: you were/went (group/informal)
(ustedes) fueron: you were/went (group/formal)
(ellos/as) fueron: they were/went

(yo) di: I gave
(tú) diste: you gave (informal)
(usted) dio: you gave (formal)
(él/ella) dio: he/she gave
(nosotros/as) dimos: we gave
(vosotros/as) disteis: you gave (group/informal)
(ustedes) dieron: you gave (group/formal)
(ellos/as) dieron: they gave


Translate the following…

He went
I gave
They were
You gave (informal)
We went

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Hace cinco días leí ese libro
Anoche no trabajamos
Ayer Sonia y José cenaron en un restaurante
El viernes pasado esta tienda no abrió
¿Usaste mi ordenador el otro día?

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