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In this video lesson we are going to learn how to use the Present Subjunctive in Spanish – El Presente de Subjuntivo – in questions with Spanish Indefinite Pronouns. We will continue this theme in the next video lesson when we see how to use El Presente de Subjuntivo in negative sentences with Spanish Indefinite Pronouns. A Pronoun is simply a short word that stands for or represents a noun (a word used to identify people, places, things, or ideas) or a noun phrase and is identified only in the context of the sentence in which it is used. Indefinite Pronouns are pronouns which don’t refer to a particular person or thing. Just like in English, most Spanish Indefinite Pronouns often function as adjectives and sometimes as adverbs. Examples of Indefinite Pronouns in English are Someone (alguien), Nothing (nada) and Something (algo). Some Spanish Indefinite Pronouns exist in both singular and plural, masculine and feminine forms and so they must agree with the nouns they refer to. We have already looked in some detail at the Present Subjunctive in Spanish and I recommend that you go back and review those video lessons before or just after watching this new lesson.

Lesson notes:

¿Hay (alguien/algo/algún-a + noun) que + subjuntivo?: Is there (anybody/anything/any + noun) that + subjuntivo?
¿Hay alguien que hable español?: Is there anybody who speaks Spanish?
¿Hay alguna mesa que tenga seis patas?: Is there any table that has six legs?
¿Conoces (a) (alguien/algo/algún-a + nombre) que + subjuntivo?: Do you know (anybody/anything/any + noun) that + subjuntivo?
¿Conoces a alguien que se llame Antonio?: Do you know anybody called Antonio?
¿Sabes si hay (alguien/algo/algún-a + nombre) que + subjuntivo?: Do you know if there is (anybody/anything/any + noun) that + subjuntivo?
¿Sabes si hay alguna fruta que contenga mucho calcio?: Do you know if there is any fruit that contains a lot of calcium?


Make questions with this information…

Restaurante/ tener comida australiana:
Alguien/ vivir en una isla:
Tienda/ vender ropa para bebés:
Persona/ trabajar en París:
Ropa/ servir para invierno y verano:

Here are the answers for the last activity:

Espero que si.
¡No me digas!
Yo también lo creo.
Eso no te lo crees ni tú.
Yo no lo veo tan claro.

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