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In this Spanish lesson we will learn more about Spanish imperatives (orders, instructions & suggestions) with examples sentences of Spanish imperatives in use. This is the third and final video lesson in a series looking at Spanish imperatives. In the previous two Spanish lessons we learned about irregular Spanish imperatives and how to make regular Spanish imperatives for Spanish verbs ending in -ar, -er and -ir. Spanish imperatives are more complicated to construct than English imperatives because the Spanish imperatives change according to who we are speaking to and whether we wish to speak formally or informally. They are complicated even further by the fact there are also irregular Spanish imperatives that follow no rules whatsoever. This can be a little tricky at first, but relax, take it steady and don’t try to remember every verb in the imperative immediately. Repeat the example sentences in this video after me to work on your pronunciation and then write as many of your own practice sentences as you can using a wide variety of Spanish verbs in the imperative.

Lesson notes:

To give instructions in Spanish:
Coja la primera calle a la derecha: Take the first street on the right (formal)
Giren a la izquierda: Turn left (formal/group)
To give orders in Spanish:
Lava los platos: Wash the dishes
Comed todo el pescado: Eat all the fish (group)
To give advice or suggestions in Spanish:
Tome estas pastillas: Take these tablets (formal)
Beban mucha agua: Drink a lot of water (formal/group)
To get the attention of someone in Spanish:
Mira: Look
Perdone: Excuse me (formal)
To invite or offer in Spanish:
Entra: Come in
Pasen: Come in (formal/group)


Translate the following…

Take that street and turn right (formal)
Study for one hour (group)
Sleep eight hours a day
Excuse me, have you got the time? (group/formal)
Take a cake, please.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Ve a la farmacia y compra aspirinas, por favor.
Vengan aquí.
Haced vuestros deberes.
Oiga, ¿dónde está el supermercado?
Pon los libros ahí.

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