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Pre-Intermediate Spanish Lesson 56: Spanish future tense Will in Spanish (Part 1)

In this lesson we are going to learn the Spanish future grammar tense that corresponds with Will in English. We have already seen the Spanish future grammar tense that corresponds with Going to in English and is constructed with Ir + a + verb. Both Spanish grammar tenses are used to speak about future plans in Spanish and both translate well to their equivalent uses in English, so they are not difficult to remember and use. Concentrate on learning how to conjugate the verb endings for the regular Spanish verbs, as shown in this Spanish lesson, and then write out lots of practice sentences and use as much as possible in conversation if you are lucky enough to have native Spanish speakers available to speak with. In the next Spanish lesson in this series we are going to learn the irregular verbs of Will in Spanish. These are the Spanish verbs which unfortunately do not follow the same regular rules as the majority of the verbs.

Lesson notes:

Trabajar: to work
(yo) trabajaré: I will work
(tú) trabajarás: you will work (informal)
(usted) trabajará: you will work (formal)
(él/ella) trabajará: he/she will work
(nosotros/as) trabajaremos: we will work
(vosotros/as) trabajaréis: you will work (group/informal)
(ustedes) trabajarán: you will work (group/formal)
(ellos/as) trabajarán: they will work


Translate the following…

We will run
They will drink
I will go
You will understand (one person/informal)
He will live

Here are the answers to the last activity:

No me compré los zapatos porque eran muy caros.
Ayer, Ana se comió el chocolate que había en el armario.
La casa que Jorge y Carla compraron no tenía jardín.
Ayer llamé a Pedro, pero no estaba en casa.
El hospital donde me operé estaba cerca de mi casa.

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