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Pre-Intermediate Spanish Lesson 60: Spanish Conditional tense El condicional (Part 3)

In this Spanish lesson we will learn how to give advice with the Spanish Conditional tense El Condicional that is the equivalent of Would in English. The Spanish Conditional tense is used to express future uncertainty, rather than the future certainty as expressed by future tenses such as Going to.. and Will. In English, the Conditional tense is formed with Would + verb and there is usually an If or a But, or another reason why the action would or would not be completed. To conjugate Spanish verbs with Would in Spanish you take the infinitive of the verb and add the appropriate ending, just as we have done with all of the other key Spanish grammar tenses we have seen so far. It is, therefore, vital to have a long list of Spanish verbs in your repertoire as well as being absolutely clear on when to use the Spanish Conditional and when someone is speaking to you using the Spanish Conditional. In the previous two Spanish lessons about Would in Spanish we saw how to conjugate regular Spanish verbs with the insertion of -ía, -ías, -íamos, -íais and -ían and irregular Spanish verbs which do not follow this general rule. I recommend that you review those other two lessons just before or after this new Spanish video lesson and practice making as many example sentences as possible using Would in Spanish.

Lesson notes:

Yo que tú: If I were you
Yo que tú iría al médico: If I were you I would go to the doctor

Si yo fuera tú: If I were you
Si yo fuera tú iría al médico: If I were you I would go to the doctor

Yo en tu lugar: If I were in your place
Yo en tu lugar iría al médico: If I were in your place I would go to the doctor

Yo…: I…
Yo iría al médico: I would go to the doctor

Deberías: You should
Deberías ir al médico: You should go to the doctor

Tendrías que: You should
Tendrías que ir al médico: You should go to the doctor

Podrías: You could
Podrías ir al médico: You could go to the doctor


Give advice for the following problems…

Estoy cansado.
No puedo dormir.
Tengo un examen la semana que viene.
Me duele mucho la cabeza.
Siempre estoy muy nervioso.

Here are the answers to the last activity:


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