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Pre-Intermediate Spanish Lesson 58: Spanish Conditional tense El condicional (Part 1)

In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn the Spanish Conditional tense El Condicional that is the equivalent of Would in English. The Spanish Conditional tense is used to express future uncertainty, rather than the future certainty as expressed by future tenses such as Going to.. and Will. In English, the Conditional tense is formed with Would + verb and there is usually an If or a But, or another reason why the action would or would not be completed. To conjugate Spanish verbs in the Conditional tense you take the infinitive of the verb and add the appropriate ending, just as we have done with all of the other key Spanish grammar tenses we have seen so far. It is, therefore, vital to have a long list of Spanish verbs in your repertoire as well as being absolutely clear on when to use the Spanish Conditional and when someone is speaking to you using the Spanish Conditional. In this Spanish lesson we will see how to conjugate regular Spanish verbs for El Condicional and in the next lesson we will see some of the irregular Spanish verbs which do not follow this general rule. It is relatively simple to form regular Spanish verbs in the Spanish Conditional tense with the insertion of -ía, -ías, -íamos, -íais and -ían at the end of the verbs.

Lesson notes:

Trabajar: to work
(yo) trabajaría: I would work
(tú) trabajarías: you would work (informal)
(usted) trabajaría: you would work (formal)
(él/ella) trabajaría: he/she would work
(nosotros/as) trabajaríamos: we would work
(vosotros/as) trabajaríais: you would work (group/informal)
(ustedes) trabajarían: you would work (group/formal)
(ellos/as) trabajarían: they would work


Translate the following…

We would go
They would see
She would eat
I would live
Would you read? (informal/group)

Here are possible answers for the last activity:


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