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In this Spanish lesson we will learn more about how to use El Presente de Subjuntivo – The Spanish Present Subjunctive – with probability. In the previous Spanish lesson we saw Spanish phrases used with the Present Subjunctive such as Quizás, Tal vez and Puede ser que and other Spanish phrases used with the Indicative such as A lo mejor and Igual. Now we wil continue this theme and look at examples of the Spanish Present Subjunctive being used to talk about probability. For example: “Tal vez nos quedemos unos días más” (Maybe we will stay a few more days) where the verb “Quedar” can be seen in its Subjunctive rather than Indicative form. Remember that the Subjunctive refers to a “mood” – how the speaker feels about an action rather than when an action takes place (past, present, future). The Subjunctive mood is rarely used in English, but is widely used in Spanish. The Indicative is used to express factual information, certainty and objectivity whereas the Subjunctive mood is used to express such things as doubt, possibilty, uncertainty, and subjectivity.

Lesson notes:

Quizá mañana vayamos al cine: Perhaps tomorrow we will go to the cinema
Tal vez nos quedemos unos días más: Maybe we will stay a few more days
Posiblemente consigas el trabajo: Possibly you will get the job
Probablemente no quiera venir: Probably he doesn´t want to come
Puede (ser) que no escuche en clase: It could be that he doesn´t listen in class
Es posible que nos veamos: It is possible that we will see each other
Es probable que él sea culpable: It is probable that he is guilty


Translate the following…

Maybe Antonio works in that office.
Probably I will go to England next year.
It is possible that I won´t watch the film.
Possibly they are still working.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Tal vez / Igual
Puede ser que
Es posible que

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