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Pre-Intermediate Spanish Lesson 69: In the house Spanish vocabulary & verbs (Part 2)

In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn some useful Spanish verbs related to The House and Housework. In the previous lesson we saw some useful House vocabulary in Spanish and I recommend you review that lesson before or just after watching this new video. When you are learning Spanish it is always vital to have a good balance of key grammar knowledge, verbs, vocabulary and expressions. If you only ever learn lots of individual Spanish words and verbs you will only ever be able to talk in broken sentences and if you only ever concentrate on learning Spanish grammar you will constantly be reaching for your Spanish dictionary. In this video lesson we will highlight some Spanish verbs connected to The House and Housework and I recommend that you place sticky labels around your own house with related Spanish verbs on such items as the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine or the table. On the vacuum cleaner, for example, you could have a sticky label with the verb Pasar so that you remember every time you do that vacuuming that what you are doing is Pasar la aspiradora. This way you will be studying constantly without even realising.

Lesson notes:

Pasar la aspiradora: to vacuum
Poner la lavadora: to do the washing
Sacar la basura: to take the rubbish out
Planchar: to iron
Sacar al perro: to take the dog for a walk
Regar las plantas: to water the plants
Quitar el polvo: to dust
Hacer la compra: to do the shopping
Tender la ropa: to hang the clothes
Poner la mesa: to lay the table
Hacer la cama: to make the bed
Fregar los platos: to wash the dishes
Fregar el suelo: to mop the floor


Translate the following…

I take the dog for a walk twice a day.
I don´t like watering the plants.
Have you ironed today? (one person/formal)
Put the washing on! (one person/informal)
Ángel is going to take the rubbish out.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Mando a distancia

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