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Pre-Intermediate Spanish Lesson 68: In the house Spanish vocabulary & verbs (Part 1)

In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn some useful House vocabulary in Spanish and in the next lesson we will see some useful Spanish verbs related to The House. When you are learning Spanish it is always vital to have a good balance of key grammar knowledge and vocabulary and expressions. If you only ever learn lots of individual Spanish words you will only ever be able to talk in broken sentences and if you only ever concentrate on learning Spanish grammar you will constantly be reaching for your Spanish dictionary. In this video lesson we will highlight some Spanish vocabulary connected to the house and I recommend that you place sticky labels around your own house with the Spanish names for things such electrical socket, coffee maker or remote control. That way you will be studying constantly without even realising. Every time you open a drawer or turn on the TV you will be reminded of the Spanish vocabulary. I used to do the same thing in my own house with English words on sticky labels stuck absolutely everywhere and it really does work. Try also to use this new Spanish vocabulary in lots of pratice written sentences using the grammar structures you have already learned.

Lesson notes:

Cajón: drawer
Cesto de la ropa sucia: laundry basket
Cómoda: chest of drawers
Plancha: iron
Enchufe: electrical socket
Mando a distancia: remote control
Tijeras: scissors
Sábanas: sheets
Percha: clothes hanger
Cafetera: coffee maker
Sartén: frying pan
Horno: oven
Toalla: towel
Maquinilla de afeitar: electric shaver
Papel higiénico: toilet roll
Peine: comb


Translate the following…

Remote control
Chest of drawers

Here are the answers to the last activity:

¿Podría ir al baño?
¿Le importa cerrar la ventana?
¿Me permites usar este bolígrafo?
¿Puedo beber este café?
¿Te importaría salir?

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