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Pre-Intermediate Spanish Lesson 62: In a pharmacy in Spanish (Part 2)

In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn typical Spanish phrases that will help you get by in a pharmacy in Spanish. This is the final part of a series of two video lessons about the pharmacy in Spanish. In the previous lesson we learned some useful Spanish vocabulary related to managing in a pharmacy in Spanish and I definitely recommend that you review that lesson before or straight after watching this new video. There are certain key topics that you should always be confident in before travelling to a foreign language speaking country and one of these is Health & Safety. In future lessons we will also look at how to manage in a dentist’s and doctor’s in Spanish so that you are confident with the vital vocabulary, questions and answers should you ever have the misfortune of falling ill whilst on holiday, on a business trip or when living in a Spanish speaking country. As always, practice really does make perfect so do your best to complete each lesson’s activity and then write out as many practice sentences as you can to help better remember each topic. With Spanish vocabulary it is always advisable to concentrate on no more than ten to fifteen new words a day and I find one of the best ways to remember is to label items in your house with their equivalent titles in Spanish. That way everytime you reach for or notice the item you will think of its title in Spanish.

Lesson notes:

Necesito algo para la tos: I need something for a cough
Necesito algo para el dolor de ……….: I need something for a pain in…
¿Podría recomendarme algo eficaz?: Could you recommend something good?
Yo que usted tomaría este jarabe: If I were you I would take this syrup/cough mixture
¿Qué dosis debo tomar al día?: What dose must I take a day?
¿Le importaría repetir?: Could you repeat please?
Una cucharada cada ocho horas: One tablespoon every 8 hours
Tres veces al día: Three times a day
Aquí tiene. ¿Necesita algo más?: Here you are. Do you need anything else?
No nada más: No, nothing else
¿Cuánto es?: How much is it?


Complete the gaps in the following formal dialogue in a pharmacy…

-Hola , ………… días. ¿qué desea?
-Necesito ……….. para el ……….. de cabeza. ¿…………. recomendarme algo eficaz?
-¿Con que frecuencia le ………… la cabeza?
-Me duele todas las noches, cuando vuelvo del trabajo.
-Yo que …………. tomaría estas pastillas.
-¿Qué dosis ………… tomar al día?
-Tómelas sólo cuando le duele la cabeza. Si le duele la cabeza, no debería ……. la televisión.
-Vale. Muchas gracias.
-¿………….algo más?
-No nada más. ¿Cuánto…….?
-………. 6.95 euros.

Here are the answers to the last activity:


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