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In this Spanish lesson we will continue the theme of health & fitness and the body in Spanish and look at useful Spanish verbs such as Levantar (to lift), Estirar (to stretch) and Respirar (to breathe). In the previous Spanish lesson we looked at Spanish vocabulary related to health & fitness and the body such as Hombros (shoulders), Músculos (muscles) and Gemelos (calves) and I definitely recommend that you review that lesson just before or after watching this new video. When learning Spanish it is essential to have a good balance of grammar, vocabulary, verbs and expressions and I will do my best to give you this throughout my Spanish course. Try not to flood yourself with more than ten or fifteen new Spanish words or verbs per day. Concentrate on trying to remember a few Spanish words and verbs well every day. With Spanish vocabulary and verbs related to health & fitness and the body I recommend that you draw out the basic shape of a body and then see if you can label all of the body parts and verbs related to certain areas. Keep practising until you remember them all and then start writing out example sentences using the key Spanish grammar structures that you have already learned.

Lesson notes:

Mover: to move
Bajar: to lower
Girar: to turn
Doblar: to bend
Levantar: to lift
Contraer: to contract/tighten
Relajar: to relax
Estirar: to stretch
Tumbarse: to lie down
Repetir: to repeat
Respirar: to breathe
Inspirar: to breathe in/inhale
Espirar: to breathe out/exhale
Sudar: to sweat


Translate the following…

To bend
To sweat
To lie down
To contract
To relax

Here are the answers to the last activity:


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