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Pre Intermediate Spanish Course

Pre-Intermediate Spanish Lesson 42: Expressing how you feel in Spanish

In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn how to express how you feel in Spanish and ask someone else how they feel using common everyday Spanish phrases such as ¿Qué tal? (How are you?) and De maravilla (Great). We have already looked at the basics of how to greet someone in Spanish, introduce yourself in Spanish and how to ask and state your nationality in Spanish and now we will see in a little more detail how to handle one of the commonest questions you will hear: ¿Cómo estás? or ¿Qué tal? which means How are you? in English. The most usual answer would have to be Bien or Muy bien, but don’t think you have to stop there. You can let people know exactly how you are feel with Spanish phrases such as Fatal (Really bad) or Tirando (OK). Repeat the Spanish phrases after me in the video to work on your pronunciation and then practice using them as much as you can in conversation and practice texts.

Lesson notes:

¿Cómo estás? /¿Qué tal?: How are you?
Genial: Great
Fenomenal: Great
De maravilla: Great
Bien: OK
Como siempre: Same as always
Aquí estamos: OK (here we are)
Tirando: OK (pulling)
Vaya, no muy bien: Well, not very good
Así, así: Not too bad, not too good
Regular: Not too bad, not too good
Fatal: Really bad
De pena: Really bad
Desesperado/a: Desperate


Write one sentence describing how you feel when you feel great, one when you feel OK, one when you feel not so good and one when you feel awful.

Here is a possible answer to the last activity:

Querido Pablo:
Te escribo para darte las gracias por tu invitación a tu fiesta. Seguro que voy a estar allí.

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