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In this Spanish lesson we will learn some Spanish vocabulary related to environmental issues in Spanish such as Reciclaje (Recycling), Consumo (Consumption) and Contaminación (Pollution). When learning Spanish it is essential to have a good balance of Spanish grammar, Spanish vocabulary, Spanish verbs and Spanish expressions and I will do my best to give you this throughout my Spanish course. Try not to flood yourself with more than ten or fifteen new Spanish words or verbs per day. Concentrate on trying to remember a few Spanish words and verbs well every day. With Spanish vocabulary related to green and environmental issues I recommend that you write out lots of example practice sentences using the new vocabulary with key Spanish grammar structures that you have already learned. Try also to read in Spanish every day. You don’t have to read a lot, little and often is best. Maybe you could source an online Spanish newspaper or blog and try to read a few interesting articles every morning. You could even start to read a short novel in Spanish. Make sure that you always try to find material that is genuinely interesting to you. If you like sport then read about sport, if you like music read about music. It is so easy to lose interest in focus when reading in a foreign language and so it is vital that you want to read on and are engrossed in the subject matter. If you decide to start reading a book in Spanish it could be a good idea to find one of the many books available that are specifically written in different levels – beginner, pre intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate or advanced.

Lesson notes:

Medio ambiente: Environment
Sequía: Drought
Reciclaje: Recycling
Envase de plástico: Plastic container
Basura: Rubbish
Contenedor: Bin/Container
Contaminación: Pollution
Pilas: Batteries
Consumo: Consumption
Industria: Industry
Gases contaminantes: Contaminating gases
Transporte: Transport
Ahorrar: To save


Translate the following…

Plastic container

Here are some possible answers to the last activity:

No hay ninguna tienda que venda tarjetas
Hay pocas señoras que respeten las colas
No hay americanos que coman chorizo
Hay pocos españoles que sean vegetarianos
No hay pueblos donde haya centros comerciales

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