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In this Spanish lesson we will learn how to ask someone’s opinion in Spanish and how to give your opinion in Spanish using phrases such as ¿Qué te parece? (What do you think?), (Yo) pienso que (I think that) and En mi opinión (In my opinion). Asking someone’s opinion and giving opinion in Spanish are vital language skills if you want to get involved with interesting discussions and debates and really express your true ideas and feelings. Spanish people love to debate everything and anything, from politics, to sport, to celebrity gossip, to quality of the baker’s bread. Many of my students who live in or have visited Spain have commented that Spanish people discuss things very loudly and often the discussions were mistaken for arguments. I am Spanish and I lived for some years in England and I can certainly say, from my experience, that people in Spain discuss things more loudly in general than the English, but please don’t think that we argue all of the time. Raised voices are usually just healthy debates and a bit of banter and fun. When a real arguments kicks off you will know about it and it is probably best to run for cover! After the lesson, write as many sentences as you can to practice asking someone’s opinion in Spanish and giving opinion in Spanish and don’t forget to do the activity.

Lesson notes:

(Yo) creo que: I think that…
(Yo) pienso que: I think that…
(A mí) me parece que: I think that…
Para mí: For me…
En mi opinión: In my opinion…
¿Tú qué crees?: What do you think?
¿Usted qué cree?: What do you think?
¿Qué te parece? What do you think?
¿Qué le parece? What do you think?
¿Qué opinas de?: What is your opinion about…?
¿Qué opina de? What is your opinion about…?


Translate the following…

I think that this film is very interesting. What do you think?
For me, this soup is cold.
What is your opinion about yoga?
In my opinion, yoga is a good exercise for body and mind.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Según Sara mañana va a llover.
Finalmente, he aprobado el examen.
Voy a beber agua, aunque no tengo sed.
Estudiamos mucho, sin embargo nunca hacemos los examines bien.

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