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Pre Intermediate Spanish Course

Pre-Intermediate Spanish Lesson 67: Asking permission in Spanish

In this lesson we are going to learn how to ask permission in Spanish with Spanish phrases such as ¿Puedo? (Can I?), ¿Podría? (Could I?), ¿Me permite? (Do you allow me to?), ¿Te importa? (Do you mind?) and ¿Te importaría? (Would you mind?). It is always useful to know how to speak politely with people in a foreign language and it helps you to get things done quicker and in a friendlier atmosphere. Spanish people appreciate good manners as much as anyone and these few key Spanish phrases will put a smile on people’s faces. Remember that the Spanish modal verbs equivalent to Could, Would and Should in English always have an ending with -ía. Here you can see that “Could I…?” is ¿Podría ….? and Would you mind…? is ¿Te/le importaría…? I hope very much that you are enjoying this Spanish video course so far and are feeling steadily more and more confident with your Spanish skills. Try to go back and review past lessons as much as you can until you are completely confident with all of the points and keep working on your repertoire of Spanish verbs and vocabulary. Practice writing out lots of example sentences using all that you have learned and try to find native speakers to talk with. I am always available and you can find full details of my live online sessions here on my website.

Lesson notes:

¿Puedo ….?: Can I …?
¿Puedo abrir la ventana?: Can I open the window?

¿Podría ….?: Could I…?
¿Podría abrir la ventana?: Could I open the window?

¿Me permite/s…?: Do you allow me to….?
¿Me permite/s abrir la ventana?: Do you allow me to open the window?

¿Te/le importa…? Do you mind ….?
¿Te/le importa abrir la ventana?: Do you mind opening the window?

¿Te/le importaría…? Would you mind…?
¿Te/le importaría abrir la ventana?: Would you mind opening the window?


Translate the following…

Could I go to the toilet?
Do you mind closing the window? (formal)
Do you allow me to use this pen? (informal)
Can I drink this coffee?
Would do mind leaving? (informal)

Here are the answers to the last activity:

No cierre la puerta.
No bebáis alcohol.
No gires a la derecha.
No cojan esa calle.
No estudies demasiado.

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