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In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn some useful Spanish phrases to indicate future occurrences in Spanish. This continues the theme about the Spanish future tense from the previous lesson where we learned how to use the Spanish future tense that is the equivalent to “Going to” in English – Ir + a + verb. We have already seen how to describe things that we do usually/always/never/occasionally/etc using the Spanish present tense and now we will learn how to describe future plans. This will open up many more possibilities when you are speaking in Spanish and will hopefully give you a lot more confidence to make conversation in Spanish. The Ir + a + verb Spanish future tense is a really nice tense to use as it translates easily to the English equivalent of “Going to” and is very easy to conjugate for all of the different persons, particularly as the verb never changes and always remains in its infinitive/base form. The Spanish phrases you will see in this video lesson are also straightforward to use with the Ir + a + verb Spanish future tense. The only tricky bit is remembering them all, so try to practice using them as much as you can.

Lesson notes:

Luego: later
Después: later
Más tarde: later
esta tarde: this afternoon
esta noche: tonight/this evening
Este fin de semana: this weekend
Este verano: this summer
Mañana: tomorrow
Pasado mañana: the day after tomorrow
La próxima semana: next week
La semana que viene: next week
El próximo mes: next month
El mes que viene: next month


Translate the following…

I am going to read a book tonight
He is not going to work tomorrow
Are you going to be in Madrid next week?
They are going to go to Brazil next month
Are you going to buy bread later? (Group/formal)

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Vamos a escribir
¿Va a venir?
Pedro y Sonia van a comer en un restaurante
Voy a estudiar
¿Vais a ver la tele?

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