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In this Spanish lesson we will look at some useful Spanish expressions that are used to describe the weather and how you feel according to the weather such as “¡Qué frío/calor tengo!” (I am so cold/hot). In the previous Spanish lesson we learned the seasons in Spanish and how to describe the weather in Spanish with sentences such as “Hace sol” (It’s sunny) and “Está nublado” (It´s cloudy). Talking about the weather is one of those great icebreakers and a perfect way to start a conversation with a native Spanish speaker. You should be looking for these openings to practice your Spanish as often as possible. Once you have learned the Spanish grammar and vocabulary basics, speaking with native Spanish speakers is the key to developing your command of the language. If you don’t live near or in a Spanish speaking neighbourhood and don’t have the opportunity to travel to Spain or Latin America I really recommend sourcing a Spanish online buddy (Skype, Messenger, etc) or a native Spanish language teacher (like me!) to help you practice. By the way, contrary to popular belief it isn’t always sunny in Spain or Latin America. Where I come from, in the north of Spain, we have almost as much rain as England.

Lesson notes:

¡Qué frío/calor hace!: it´s really cold/hot
hace un día horrible: it’s a horrible day
hace mucho/muchísimo frío/calor: it´s very/very very/ cold/hot
aquí siempre hace mucho/muchísimo frío/calor en esta época: it´s always very/very very cold/hot here at this time of the year
¿Tiene/tienes frío/calor?: are you cold/hot?
¡Qué frío/calor tengo!: I am so cold/hot
Ah, pues yo, no: oh, I’m not
¿Qué tiempo hace allí?: how is the weather like there?
Hace un día muy/bastante bueno/malo: it is a very/quite a good/bad day
No hace nada de frío/calor: it is not cold/hot at all
Estamos a ….. grados (bajo cero): we are at ….. degrees (below zero)


Translate the following…

I am so cold!
How is the weather like there?
We are at 2 degrees below zero.
It’s a horrible day.
It is not cold at all

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Hace viento
Hace muy buen tiempo
Hace calor

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