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In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn the seasons in Spanish and how to describe the weather in Spanish with sentences such as “Hace sol” (It’s sunny) and “Está nublado” (It´s cloudy). We will continue this theme in the next lesson when we look at some useful Spanish expressions that are used to describe the weather and how you feel according to the weather such as “¡Qué frío/calor tengo!” (I am so cold/hot). Talking about the weather is one of those great icebreakers and a perfect way to start a conversation with a native Spanish speaker. You should be looking for these openings to practice your Spanish as often as possible. Once you have learned the Spanish grammar and vocabulary basics, speaking with native Spanish speakers is the key to developing your command of the language. If you don’t live near or in a Spanish speaking neighbourhood and don’t have the opportunity to travel to Spain or Latin America I really recommend sourcing a Spanish online buddy (Skype, Messenger, etc) or a native Spanish language teacher (like me!) to help you practice. By the way, contrary to popular belief it isn’t always sunny in Spain or Latin America. Where I come from, in the north of Spain, we have almost as much rain as England.

Lesson notes:

Hace sol: it´s sunny
Hace aire: it´s breezy
Hace (mucho) viento: it´s (very) windy
Hace (mucho) calor: it´s (very) hot
Hace (mucho) frío: it´s very cold
Hace fresco: it´s chilly
Hace (muy) buen tiempo: the weather is (very) good
Hace (muy) mal tiempo: the weather is (very) bad
Llueve: it rains
Nieva: it snows
Hay tormenta: it´s stormy
Está nublado: it´s cloudy
Primavera: spring
Verano: summer
Otoño: autumm
Invierno: winter


Translate the following…

It´s windy
The weather is very good
It´s very hot
It rains

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Médico ¿Qué le pasa?
Antonio Me duele la rodilla.
Médico ¿Juega al fútbol normalmente?
Antonio Sí, todos los días.
Médico Bueno, es una torcedura. Tiene que poner esta pomada en su rodilla todos los días durante dos semanas. También tiene que jugar al fútbol menos.
Antonio Vale, doctor. Muchas gracias.

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