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In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb “gustar” (“to like” – I like, you like, he/she/it likes, we like, you like, they like). This is a very important Spanish verb that we use a lot in every day conversation and it is a good idea to get confident with it as quickly as possible. Conjugating a verb means modifying it from its base form. With “el verbo gustar”, for example, “gustar” is the base form of the verb and you need to change this according to all of the different persons. The first person (Yo/I), for example, is “me gusta” and for nosotros/we it is “nos gusta”. In the next Spanish lesson we will learn how to specify how much you like something using “el verbo gustar” and sentences such as: “Me gusta muchísimo…” (I really like…) or “No me gusta nada…” (I don´t like at all…).

Lesson notes:

(a mí) me gusta: I like
(a ti) te gusta: you like
(a usted) le gusta: you like (formal)
(a él/a ella) le gusta: he/she likes
(a nosotros) nos gusta: we like
(a vosotros) os gusta: you (group) like
(a ustedes) les gusta: you (group) like (formal)
(a ellos) les gusta: they like
(a mí) no me gusta: I don´t like


Translate the following…

We don´t like
They like
I don´t like
Do you like? (friendly/one person)
He likes

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Voy de compras.
Ve la televisión

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