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In this Spanish lesson we will learn how to specify how much we like something using the Spanish verb “el verbo gustar” (the verb “to like” – I like, you like, he/she/it likes, we like, you like, they like). In the previous Spanish lesson we learned how to conjugate “el verbo gustar” and now we will practice using the verb in typical Spanish sentences such as: “Me gusta muchísimo…” (I really like…) or “No me gusta nada…” (I don´t like at all…).. This is a very important Spanish verb that we use a lot in every day conversation and it is a good idea to get confident with it as quickly as possible. We will learn how to make positive sentences such as “Me gustan las aceitunas” (I like olives) and negative sentences such as “No me gustan las aceitunas” (I don’t like olives). As I have mentioned before (and as you can see here) negative Spanish sentences are extremely easy to construct. “El verbo gustar” in general, however, is not so easy to use for English speakers and you might find it helpful to think of the sentences in a different way: for example, “olives don’t please me” (“No me gustan las aceitunas”), rather than “I don’t like olives. This way you will remember that the “gustar” part needs to be modified according to the thing that you like/the thing that pleases you. In this case it is “olives” which are plural and therefore we have to say “gustan” rather than “gusta”.

Lesson notes:

Me gusta muchísimo: I really like…
Me gusta mucho: I like a lot…
Me gusta bastante: I quite like…
No me gusta demasiado: I don´t like that much…
No me gusta nada: I don´t like at all…
Me gusta el café: I like coffee
Me gusta la cerveza: I like beer
Me gustan los bombones: I like chocolates
Me gustan las aceitunas: I like olives
Me gusta ver la televisión: I like watching TV
Me gusta ir a la playa: I like going to the beach


Translate the following…

I really like tea.
We don´t like coffee at all.
They don´t like reading that much.
María likes oranges a lot
Do you like chips? (formal/one person)

Here are the answers to the last activity:

No nos gusta
Les gusta
No me gusta
¿Te gusta?
Le gusta

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