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In this Spanish lesson we will learn the months of the year in Spanish and how to state dates in Spanish. It is important to learn basic, fundamental skills such as how to tell the time in Spanish, how to count in Spanish, how to pronounce the Spanish alphabet and how to state days of the week, months of the year and dates in Spanish. In the previous lesson we looked at the days of the week in Spanish and we have already seen how to tell the time and the Spanish numbers. It is always advisable to go back and review lessons as, for sure, you will have missed a few details the first time around and the more times you review a topic the better you will remember it. Try never, however, to review things so much that you get bored or stale. It is vital to keep motivated and interested and to keep the ball rolling forwards with your Spanish studies.

Lesson notes:

Enero: January
Febrero: February
Marzo: March
Abril: April
Mayo: May
Junio: June
Julio: July
Agosto: August
Septiembre: September
Octubre: October
Noviembre: November
Diciembre: December
En enero/febrero/marzo/etc…: In January/February/March/etc…
En agosto no trabajo: I don´t work in August
El (date) de (month): The (date) of (month)
El cinco de marzo: The 5th of March
El veintidos de septiembre. The 22nd of September.


Translate the following dates…

The 7th of October:
The 15th of April:
The 31st of December:
The 1st of July:
The 26th of August:

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Los martes compramos comida.
El sábado voy al cine con Ana.
Los lunes Alberto bebe café.
El miércoles tengo un examen.
Los domingos Lola y Carlos van a la iglesia.

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