Download the complete Spanish courses

Download the complete Spanish courses

In this Spanish lesson we will learn the colours in Spanish and how to use them as adjectives to describe items of clothing. Remember that with Spanish adjectives we place the adjective after the noun/the thing it is describing. In English you would say, for example: “red skirt” with the colour/adjective before the noun, but in Spanish we say: “falda roja” (skirt red). This can be a little tricky at first for English speaking Spanish students, but in my experience it is a small issue that is overcome quickly as the student becomes accustomed to forgetting the order and rules of his or her own language. It is vital to be open minded and never to try to translate sentences literally between languages.

Lesson notes

Rojo / Roja / Rojos / Rojas: Red
Amarillo / amarilla / amarillos / amarillas: Yellow
Negro / negra / negros / negras: Black
Blanco / blanca / blancos / blancas: White
Morado / Morada / morados / moradas: Purple

Un jersey rojo: a red jumper
Una falda roja: a red skirt
Unos pantalones rojos: some red trousers
Unas sandalias rojas: some red sandals

Azul / azules: Blue
Verde / verdes: Green
Marrón / marrones: Brown
Gris / grises: Grey
Rosa / rosas: Pink
Naranja / naranjas: Orange
Lila / lilas: Lilac

Un jersey verde: a green jumper
Una falda verde: a green skirt
Unos pantalones verdes: some green trousers
Unas sandalias verdes: some green sandals


Translate the following…

A white shirt:
Some black shoes:
A pink hat:
Some orange trousers:
A blue dress:

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Frutero: Hola, ¿qué quiere?
Cliente: Quería media docena de huevos.
Frutero: Muy bien, ¿algo más?
Cliente:Sí, un trozo de queso.
Frutero: Vale, ¿algo más?
Cliente: No, nada más. ¿Cuánto es?
Frutero: (3,50€)tres con cincuenta.
Cliente: Aquí tiene.
Frutero: Gracias, ¡adiós!

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