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How to ask and tell the time in Spanish. Telling the time in Spanish is an important skill to acquire if you are to live or travel in Spain or Latin America. In this Spanish lesson we will learn how to ask “what time is it?” or “do you have the time?” and how to respond when someone asks you the time. It is vital to know your numbers in Spanish before beginning this lesson and if you are not confident I definitely recommend reviewing my earlier Spanish lesson that focussed specifically on the numbers in Spanish. This Spanish video lesson is part one of our investigation into telling the time in Spanish, in the next video lesson we will continue the topic and learn how to state at what time we do things in Spanish.

Lesson notes:

¿Qué hora es?: What time is it?
¿Tienes hora?: Do you have the time?
¿Tiene hora?: Do you have the time? (formal)
Es la una: It’s one o’clock
Son las dos / tres / cuatro etc: It’s two / three / four o’clock
en punto: Exactly
y media: And a half / Half past
y cuarto: And a quarter / Quatre past
menos cuarto: Quarter to
y cinco / y diez / y veinte: 5 minutes past / 10 minutes past / 20 minutes past
menos cinco / menos diez / menos veinticinco: 5 minutes to / 10 minutes to / 25 minutes to


Translate the following…

It´s half past three:
It´s five to twelve:
It´s twenty past one:
It´s ten to six:

Here are the answers to the last activity:


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