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In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn how to express suggestions and obligations in Spanish using the Spanish verb Hay que (One has to). This is the third and final part in a series of video lessons on the topic. In the previous lessons we looked at the Spanish verbs Deber (must) and Tener que (have to), how to conjugate these verbs for all the persons and how to use them in typical everyday sentences. I definitely recommend that you review those lessons before or after watching this next video lesson. Hay que is a Spanish verb of general obligation, so we will not have to learn how to conjugate it for all the persons. Hay que is used for general statements about things that people/we/one should do, such as “One has to recycle” or “One should say please and thank you”. Repeat the typical example sentences in the video after me to work on your Spanish pronunciation and afterwards make up many more of your own example sentences in Spanish to practice and remember this Spanish verb of suggestion and obligation.

Lesson notes:

Hay que: One has to
Hay que reciclar: One has to recycle
Hay que comer un poco de todo: One has to eat a bit of everything
Hay que beber ocho vasos de agua al día: One has to drink eight glasses of water a day
Hay que lavarse los dientes tres veces al día: One has to brush ones teeth three times a day
Hay que ser generoso: One has to be generous
Hay que decir “por favor” y “gracias”: One has to say “please” and “thank you”.


Suggest what is necessary to do these things, using “tener que”, “deber” or “hay que”…

Ganar mucho dinero en poco tiempo.
Aprender bien un idioma.
Olvidar pronto un amor.
Conseguir un buen trabajo.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Debéis ir a Galicia
Ana debe lavar los platos.
I debo hablar con mi hermano.
Debe escuchar la radio,
Debemos dormir más.

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