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In this Spanish lesson we will learn a selection of important Spanish verbs in their infinitive/base form. At this stage it is vital to start accumulating lots of Spanish verbs in your reportoire. Don’t try to remember hundreds in one day though, I suggest trying to learn ten new verbs every day and to start with the really essential Spanish verbs that you will use a lot in everyday conversation. Here in this Spanish lesson we have ten important Spanish verbs that we will practice with in future lessons. Pay attention to my pronunciation in the video and repeat each verb after me. This will aid your own Spanish pronunciation and help you to better remember each of the Spanish verbs.

Lesson notes:

Hablar: to speak
Trabajar: to work
Escuchar: to listen to
Comprar: to buy
Comer: to eat
Beber: to drink
Leer: to read
Comprender: to understand
Vivir: to live
Escribir: to write


Translate the following…

To buy:
To write:
To drink:
To understand:
To speak:

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Estoy cansado / cansada.
Marcos y Sonia están tristes.
¿Estas enfadado / enfadada?
¿Estáis enfadados / enfadadas?
Lola está nerviosa.

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