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In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn some useful Spanish verbs related to hobbies and leisure time activities, such as “Leer” (to read) and “Ir a la playa” (to go to the beach). In the next Spanish lesson we will learn how to use el verbo “gustar” (the verb “to like”) to describe things you like to do and in the previous two lessons we learned how to describe how often you do things usually using Spanish adverbs of frequency and Spanish expressions of frequency. Talking about things you enjoy doing in your leisure time is a great way to practice using a variety of Spanish verbs and vocabulary and the Spanish present tense. Repeat the verbs after me while you watch this Spanish lesson and then try to practice as much as you can writing sentences descrbing things you like to do and how often you do them.

Lesson notes:

Ver la televisión: to watch TV
Leer: to read
Salir con los amigos: to go out with friends
Jugar al fútbol/tenis/golf: to play football/tennis/golf…
Ir de excursión: to go on an excursion
Ir de compras: to go shopping
Cocinar: to cook
Escuchar música: to listen to music
Viajar: to travel
Ir a la playa: to go to the beach
Ir al monte: to go to the countryside


Translate the following…

I go shopping
We travel
They cook
She watches TV
Do you read? (friendly/group)

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Como pescado dos veces a la semana.
Escribimos emails una vez al año.
Sonia compra ropa todos los meses.
¿Bebe té todos los días?
Hablo con mi madre cinco veces al mes.

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