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This lesson is part of the Pre-Intermediate Spanish Course
(69 Spanish video or mp3 lessons. 4 hrs 41 mins)

Pre Intermediate Spanish MP3Pre Intermediate Spanish Video Course

In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn the Spanish numbers from 1000 onwards. Learning the numbers in Spanish is an important basic skill and we have already seen two other video lessons in this course on the same topic. In the first lesson we looked at the Spanish numbers 1-100 and in the second lesson we looked at the Spanish numbers from 100-1000. Here we will practice making large and more complicated numbers in Spanish such as 375.263.197 (trescientos setenta y cinco millones doscientos sesenta y tres mil ciento noventa y siete). This may look a little frightening at first glance, but don’t be too worried, once you know the basic rules of how to construct the Spanish numbers and remember the numbers themselves it is really not so hard. As with everything, the key is to practice as much as you can, repeating the numbers in Spanish after me in the video and writing practice number combinations yourself.

Lesson notes:

1.000: mil
2.000: dos mil
3.000: tres mil
15.000: quince mil
69.000: sesenta y nueve mil
285.000: doscientos ochenta y cinco mil
1.000.000: un millón
2.000.000: dos millones
26.396.208: veintiseis millones trescientos noventa y seis mil doscientos ocho
375.263.197: trescientos setenta y cinco millones doscientos sesenta y tres mil ciento noventa y siete


Write the following numbers in words…


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