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This lesson is part of the Pre-Intermediate Spanish Course
(69 Spanish video or mp3 lessons. 4 hrs 41 mins)

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In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn how to make negative sentences in Spanish using Spanish indefinite pronouns. This is the third and final video lesson in a series about Spanish indefinite pronouns and adjectives. In the previous lessons we looked at the use of Spanish indefinite pronouns and adjectives (some, any, anybody, anything, etc) with positive sentences and questions and now we will concentrate on negative sentences. As with English, the Spanish indefinite pronoun or adjective you use depends on whether the sentence is negative, positive or a question. In English we say “some apples”, for example, when we have a positive affirmation that there are some apples, “no apples” for a negative statement that there aren’t any apples and “any apples” for a question about whether there any apples. In Spanish you will also have to remember various combinations of indefinite pronoun and adjective and the best way to remember them is to practice and practice with them. I suggest that you repeat each setence after me in the video to work on your Spanish pronunciation and then practice as much as you can afterwards by writing similar example sentences in Spanish using all of the different combinations.

Lesson notes:

No viene nadie a mi casa: Nobody comes to my house.
Nadie viene a mi casa: Nobody comes to my house.
No dices nada correcto: You don´t say anything correct.
Nada de lo que dices es correcto: Nothing of what you say is correct.
No está nunca en casa: He is never at home
Nunca está en casa: He is never at home


Translate the following…

I don´t know anything.
I never go to the beach.
Nobody eats in that restaurant.
There is nothing in this house.
There is nobody in the supermarket.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

1. ¿Tienes algún libro de misterio?
No, no tengo ninguno pero tengo algunos libros de ciencia ficción.
2. Tengo hambre. ¿Tienes algo de jamón?
No tengo nada de jamón, pero tengo algunas aceitunas.
No gracias. No me gustan las aceitunas.

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