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In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn how to describe how often we do things using Spanish expressions of frequency such as every day, twice a week, three times a year, etc. In the previous lesson we looked at a similar topic, Spanish adverbs of frequency, and I recommend that you review this lesson before starting this Spanish lesson. Spanish adverbs of frequency (always, never, often, sometimes, etc) are used with the Spanish present tense to describe things that we usually do as a general rule and adverbs of frequency help specify more clearly how often we do these things. For example, “Yo juego tennis” (I play tennis) is a sentence in the Spanish present tense. If we want to say how often we play tennis we can add a Spanish adverb of frequency and say, for example: “Yo siempre juego tennis” (I always play tennis) or “Yo casi nunca juego tennis” (I hardly ever play tennis). Spanish expressions of frequency are used in a similar way, to state precisely how often we do things. For example: “Yo estudio todos los días” (I study every day) or “Yo estudio una vez al mes” (I study once a month).

Lesson notes:

Todos los días: every day
Todas las semanas: every week
Todos los meses: every month
Todos los años: every year
Dos/tres/… veces al día: twice/three times… a day
Dos/tres/… veces a la semana: twice/three times… a week
Dos/tres/… veces al mes: twice/three times… a month
Dos/tres/… veces al año: twice/three times… a year
Una vez: once
Estudio todos los días: I study every day
Estudio dos veces al día: I study twice a day
Estudio tres veces a la semana: I study three times a week
Estudio una vez al mes: I study once a month
Estudio cuatro veces al año: I study four times a year

Activity: (scroll down for answers)

Translate the following…

I eat fish twice a week.
We write emails once a year.
Sonia buys clothes every month.
Do you drink tea every day? (formal/one person)
I speak with my mother five times a month.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Siempre trabajo.
Ana y Miguel van a Madrid a veces.
¿Estudias a menudo?
Nunca comemos aceitunas / No comemos aceitunas nunca.
¿Beben café?










Here are the answers to this lesson’s activity:

Como pescado dos veces a la semana.
Escribimos emails una vez al año.
Sonia compra ropa todos los meses.
¿Bebe té todos los días?
Hablo con mi madre cinco veces al mes.

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