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In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn some useful Spanish adjectives related to transport. We will learn how to describe some forms of transport with adjectives such as “fast”/”rapido”, “comfortable”/”cómodo” or “dangerous”/”peligroso”. You can also add “muy….” if you wish to say that something is “very….”. For example “very safe” would be “muy seguro”: “el avíon es seguro” (the aeroplane is very safe). We will also practice making negative sentences in Spanish that you will soon see are extremely simple to construct with the insertion of a “no”. This is one of those wonderful moments when you will think, wow, Spanish is so easy!

Lesson notes:

Rápido: fast
Lento: slow
Barato: cheap
Caro: expensive
Cómodo: comfortable
Incómodo: uncomfortable
Ecológico: ecological
Contaminante: contaminating
Peligroso: dangerous
Seguro: safe
Puntual: punctual
Muy: very
El avíon es rápido: the plane is fast
Los aviones son rápidos: planes are fast.
El avíon es muy contaminante: the plane is very contaminating
Los aviones son muy contaminantes: planes are very contaminating
Pero: but
El avíon es rápido, pero muy contaminante: the plane is fast, but very contaminating.
Los aviones son rápidos, pero muy contaminantes: planes are fast, but very contaminating.
La bicicleta es lenta: the bicycle is slow.
Las bicicletas son lentas: bicycles are slow.
La bicicleta no es contaminante: the bicycle is not contaminating.
Las bicicletas no son contaminantes: bicycles are not contaminating.


Translate the following…

The car is very comfortable.
Buses are very cheap, but uncomfortable.
The ship is very comfortable, but slow and expensive.
Bicycles are slow, but very cheap.
Trains are very punctual.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

¿Adónde váis?
Vamos a Barcelona.
Ana y Miguel van a Santander.
Cristina y yo vamos a Tenerife.
No voy a Granada.

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