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In this Spanish lesson we are going to learn how to manage when buying clothes in a Spanish shop or market. In the previous two lessons we learned useful vocabulary related to items of clothing in Spanish and how to describe their colour, now we will put all of the pieces of the jigsaw together and learn some useful Spanish shopping phrases such as “oiga perdone” (excuse me) and “es muy caro” (it’s very expensive). If you live in or near a Spanish speaking neighbourhood or are travelling in Spain or Latin America then you have the perfect opportunity to get some free practice time every time you enter a shop, supermarket or street market. The shop assistants are a captive audience that you can really use to your own benefit. They will appreciate the effort you are making to converse in their language and you will get to practice your Spanish with a native speaker for free. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as this is the only way to improve. If you haven’t made a mistake, it means that you haven’t got off first base. Get stuck in as soon as you can!

Lesson notes:

Este/a: This
Estos/as: These
Ese/a: That
Esos/as: Those
Talla: Size
Talla pequeña / mediana / grande / extra grande: S / M / L / XL
Número: Shoe size
Oiga perdone: Excuse me
¿Tiene esta chaqueta en la talla mediana?: Have you got this jacket in medium?
¿Tiene esta chaqueta en otro color?: Have you got this jacket in another colour?
Quiero devolver….: I want to return…
Barato/a/os/as: Cheap
Caro/a/os/as: Expensive
Es muy barato/a: It is very cheap
Es muy caro/a: It is very expensive
Son muy baratos/as: They are very cheap
Son muy caros/as: They are very expensive


Fill in the gaps…

Dependiente: Hola, ¿qué quiere?
Cliente: …….. devolver estos pantalones.
Dependiente: Muy bien. ¿algo ……..?
Cliente: Sí ¿………..estos pantalones en otro color?
Dependiente: No, lo siento.
Cliente: Vale, pues quiero esta chaqueta verde en la ………grande.
Dependiente: Muy bien.
Cliente: ¿………… ……….?
Dependiente: (15,90)€ …………. …………. ……….. ……………
Cliente: Muy bien. ¡Es muy ………….!

Here are the answers to the last activity:

A white shirt: Una camisa blanca
Some black shoes: Unos zapatos negros
A pink hat: Un sombrero rosa
Some orange trousers: Unos pantalones naranjas
A blue dress: Un vestido azul

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