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How to make physical descriptions in Spanish using “El verbo Ser” (the verb “To be”) and “El verbo Tener” (the verb “To have”). This Spanish lesson follows on from previous lessons that analysed specifically El verbo Ser, El verbo Tener and physical descriptions in Spanish. If you are not completely clear on these topics then I recommend that you go back and review the relevant Spanish lessons until you are confident. In this lesson you will practice making questions in Spanish. Questions in Spanish are one of those rare treats: something very easy to construct. In comparison with English, they are much simpler in construction. English questions demand the use of an extra auxilary verb whereas in Spanish the sentence is basically the same as the regular sentence except with a different tone to the voice. This question intonation is simple to learn and I am sure you will be confidently making questions in Spanish in no time at all! By the way, negative sentences are also very very simple to construct. You see, Spanish isn’t so difficult!

Lesson notes:

Tengo los ojos marrones: I have brown eyes.
¿Tienes el pelo rubio?: Have you got blonde hair?
¿Tiene el pelo rubio?: Have you got blonde hair? (formal)
Tiene las orejas grandes: He / She has big ears.
Tenemos el pelo corto: We have short hair.
¿Tenéis los ojos verdes?: Have you (group) got green eyes?
¿Tienen los ojos verdes?: Have you (group) got green eyes? (formal)
Tienen la nariz pequeña: They have small noses.
Soy alto / alta: I am tall
¿Eres bajo / baja?: Are you short?
¿Es bajo / baja?: Are you short? (formal)
Antonio es gordo: Antonio is fat.
María es delgada: María is slim.
Antonio y yo somos bajos: Antonio and I are short.
¿Sois altos?: Are you (group) tall?
¿Son altos?: Are you (group) tall? (formal)
María y Nuria son bajas: María and Nuria are short.
No soy alta: I am not tall.


Translate the following…

I am tall.
¿Have you got brown eyes? (friendly to one person)
They have big noses.
We are short.
¿Are you (group, friendly) slim?

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Ojos verdes.
Boca Pequeña.
Orejas grandes.

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