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In this Spanish video lesson we are going to learn useful vocabulary related to the parts of the body in Spanish. This is a really important topic for anyone travelling to Spain or Latin America, as you never know when you might fall ill and need to describe the pain you are feeling in certain parts of the body. In the next Spanish lesson in this course we will learn how to describe in Spanish the pain you are feeling and where you feel it with sentences such as: “Me duele la cabeza” (My head hurts) and “Tengo dolor de cabeza” (I have a headache). It is vital to learn and remember lots of Spanish vocabulary as well as Spanish grammar and Spanish expressions. You cannot get by with only grammar for example and neither can you get by with only vocabulary. You should try to learn a wide range of key words and structures that you can then apply to any situation you find yourself in. I always recommend that you don’t try to remember too many new Spanish words in one day. 10-15 is a good number. Repeat them after me in the Spanish video to work on your pronunciation and practice by labelling the parts of the body in Spanish of various people in magazines and newspapers.

Lesson notes:

Cabeza: head
Oreja: ear
Oído: inner ear
Ojo: eye
Boca: mouth
Nariz (f): nose
Garganta: throat
Cuello: neck
Espalda: back
Pecho: chest
Brazo: arm
Mano (f): hand
Dedo: finger
Estómago: stomach
Tripa: belly
Culo: bottom
Rodilla: knee
Pierna: leg
Pie (m): foot


Translate the following…


Here are the answers to the last activity:

Me gusta muchísimo el té.
No me gusta nada el café.
No les gusta demasiado leer.
A María le gustan mucho las naranjas.
¿Le gustan las patatas fritas?

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