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Useful vocabulary related to the family in Spanish. In this video lesson you will learn the titles of the various members of the family in Spanish, such as “mother”, “son” and “nephews and nieces”. This is key Spanish vocabulary that we will be using in our next few video lessons analysing the verb “To be”: “El verbo Ser”. Try practising this Spanish vocabulary by writing out your own family tree and titling all of family members in Spanish. Try also to remember the title of each of your relatives when you meet them or think of them.

Lesson notes:

Marido: husband
Mujer / Esposa: wife
Padre: father
Madre: mother
Padres: parents
Hijo: son
Hijos: children
Hermana: sister
Hermanos: brothers and sisters
Abuelo: grandfather
Abuela: grandmother
Abuelos: grandparents
Nieto: grandson
Nieta: grandaughter
Nietos: grandchildren
Tío: uncle
Tía: aunt
Tíos: uncle & aunt
Sobrino: nephew
Sobrina: niece
Sobrinos: nephews and nieces
Primo: cousin (boy)
Prima: consin (girl)
Primos: cousins
un / una: a
el / la: the
los / las: the


Translate the following…

Female cousin:

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Alicante esta a 600 km de Sevilla.
Barcelona esta a 708 km de Santander.
Murcia esta a 620 km de Salamanca.
Granada esta a 865 km de Oviedo.
Zaragoza esta a 394 km de Albacete

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