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More about how to ask and give directions in Spanish and specifically how to locate things and places in Spanish. It is important to be able to understand when someone describes the location of something or somewhere in Spanish so that you can find your way around when you are visiting Spain or Latin America. In this lesson we will learn vital prepositions of place in Spanish such as “next to”, “behind” and “opposite”. Don’t be afraid to practice what you have learned from this series of Spanish video lessons about directions in the city when you visit Spain or Latin America or if you have Spanish speakers in your neighbourhood. It is one of the best free lessons available. However, don’t get too disheartened if you find the first encounter difficult. It will take a lot of time and practice before you remember everything you need and are able to understand the other person. But, the first time is always the most difficult, after that it just gets easier, so get stuck in!

Lesson notes:

Está: It is/Is
Hay: There is
¿Dónde está el ayuntamiento?: Where is the town hall?
¿Dónde hay una frutería?: Where is there a fruit shop?
Al lado de: Next to
Enfrente de: Opposite
Delante de: In front of
Detrás de: Behind
En la esquina: On the corner
Entre: Between
De + el = Del
Norte: North
Sur: South
Este: East
Oeste: West
Noroeste: Northwest
Noreste: Northeast
Suroeste: Southwest
Sureste: Southeast
Centro: Middle/Centre
Madrid está en el centro de España: Madrid is in the centre of Spain
Granada está en el sur de España: Granada is in the south of Spain
Barcelona está en el noreste de España: Barcelona is in the northeast of Spain


Translate the following…

There is a bakery opposite the church.
Where is the bus station? It is next to a fruit shop.
The town hall is between a supermarket and a shoe shop.
Where is there a restaurant? There is a restaurant on the corner.
The library is behind the theatre.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

un supermercado
la biblioteca
el teatro
un cine
una librería
la zapatería

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