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Useful Spanish vocabulary related to expressing how we feel in Spanish and how to use these Spanish adjectives with “El verbo Estar” (the verb “To be” in Spanish). In our previous Spanish lesson we looked at “El verbo Estar” and explained how it is a second version of the verb “To be”, the other being “El verbo Ser”. Here you will see some instances of when we use “Estar”: to express your current state of mind/body. For example: if you want to say that you are tired you will say “estoy cansado/a”. You wouldn’t say “soy cansado/a” in this case as “Ser” is used more for permanent, constant truths such as “soy inglés” (“I am English”). We will also practice here how to make questions in Spanish using “Estar” and you will see again how straightforward questions in Spanish are to construct.

Lesson notes:

Contento/a: happy
Triste: sad
Enfadado/a: angry
Nervioso/a: nervous
Tranquilo/a: calm
Aburrido/a: bored
Cansado/a: tired
Preocupado/a: worried
Estoy contento / contenta: I am happy
Estamos contentos/ contentas: We are happy
¿Estás cansado /cansada?: Are you tired?
¿Estáis cansados / cansadas?: Are you (group) tired?
Antonio está preocupado: Antonio is worried
María está preocupada: María is worried
Antonio y María están preocupados: Antonio y María are worried


Translate the following…

I am tired.
Marcos and Sonia are sad.
Are you angry?
Are you (group) angry?
Lola is nervous.

Here are the answers to the last activity:


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