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How to speak about the family in Spanish using “el verbo Ser” (the verb “To be”.) In this Spanish video lesson we continue the series of lessons about “el verbo Ser” and the vocabulary of members of the family in Spanish and practice the two topics together. For example, here you will learn how to say that you are someone’s brother/sister/uncle/auntie/etc and how to ask questions about another person’s relatives. Before starting this Spanish video lesson it could be a good idea to review the information of the previous two lessons. The techniques you will learn in this Spanish video lesson will really start to give you confidence that you can start making proper sentences in Spanish. Take your time with “el verbo Ser” and make sure that you are completely clear about how to conjugate the verb for all persons and exactly what each conjugation means. Once you get confident with “el verbo Ser” the other Spanish verbs will be a doddle!

Lesson notes:

Soy hermana de Ana: I am Ana’s sister
¿Eres hijo de Pablo?: Are you Pablo’s son?
Pedro es tío de Miguel: Pedro is Miguel’s uncle
Somos nietos de Tina: We are Tina’s grandchildren.
¿Sois hermanos de Juan? Are you Juan’s brothers and sister?
Clara y Roberto son marido y mujer: Clara and Roberto are Husband and wife.
Mi: my
Sonia es mi prima: Sonia is my cousin.
Mis: my (more than one)
Antonio y Patricia son mis sobrinos: Antonio and Patricia are my nephew and niece.


Translate the following…

I am Lola’s dad.
Are you Jose’s sister?
We are Javi’s cousins.
Alberto and Antonio are my sons.
Paula is my aunt.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

Somos Javier y Pedro.
¿Es Cristina?
¿Es usted Gustavo?
Son Jose y Raquel.
Es Simon.

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