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More Spanish numbers 100-1000 and how to state distances between places in Spanish. We looked at the Spanish numbers 1-100 in Lesson 3 and here we will see the Spanish numbers 100-1000. We will use these larger numbers in Spanish to enable us to state how far one place is from another in kilometres. For example, “Bilbao está a cien kilómetros de Santander”: Bilbao is 100 km from Santander. Learning the bigger numbers in Spanish, as with any foreign language, can seem a bit daunting at first, but you will be amazed at how quickly you improve with a bit of practice. The Spanish numbers follow consistent and logical rules and once you get your head around these rules it is relatively straightforward to put together larger numbers. All of a sudden you will be reeling off any number you wish with ease and will wonder what you were ever worried about! This is true with many aspects of learning Spanish: it is really not that difficult once you actually get stuck in and put in a little hard work.

Lesson notes:

Kilómetros: kilometres
Cien: one hundred
Ciento diez: one hundred and ten
Doscientos: two hundred
Trescientos: three hundred
Cuatrocientos: four hundred
Quinientos: five hundred
Seiscientos: six hundred
Setecientos: seven hundred
Ochocientos: eight hundred
Novecientos: nine hundred
Mil: a thousand
Madrid está a cuatrocientos kilómetros de Bilbao: Madrid is 400 km from Bilbao.


Translate these sentences to Spanish…

Alicante is 600 km from Sevilla.
Barcelona is 708 km from Santander.
Murcia is 620 km from Salamanca.
Granada is 865 km from Oviedo.
Zaragoza is 394 km from Albacete.

Here are the answers to the last activity:

La Coruña está en el noroeste de España.
Santander está en el norte de España.
Murcia está en el sureste de España
Salamanca está en el oeste de España.
Huelva está en el suroeste de España.

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