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How to ask and give directions in Spanish. Asking and giving directions in Spanish is one of the most useful lessons to learn for someone travelling in Spain or Latin America. In this lesson we will learn how to ask the way to certain places and how to follow directions such as “straight on”, “the first on the right” or “at the end of the street”. Try to practice what you learn here in your head as you walk around your own neighbourhood or even better with real Spanish speakers if you have any as neighbours or if you are currently travelling in Spain or Latin America. There is also the daily activity to complete. Enjoy your Spanish studies!

Lesson notes:

Calle: Street
C/: Abbreviation of street when you write an address
Avenida: Avenue
Avda: Abbreviation of avenue when you write an address
¿Dónde está la calle …….?: Where is the street …..?
Todo recto: Straight on
La primera: The first (street)
La segunda: The second (street)
La tercera: The third (street)
La cuarta: The fourth (street)
A la derecha: On the right
A la izquierda: On the left
Al final de la calle: At the end of the street


Translate the following….

Straight on, the second on the right and the third on the left:
Straight on, the fourth on the right, at the end of the street:
The first on the left and the third on the left:
Straight on, at the end of the avenue:

Here is the answer to the last activity:

Carlos: Hola, buenas noches. Una mesa para dos personas, por favor.
Camarero: Vale, muy bien. ¿Qué quieren tomar?
Rosa: Para beber una botella de vino tinto.
Camarero: Vale.
Carlos: De primero quiero una sopa.
Rosa: De primero quiero una ensalada.
Camarero ¿Y de segundo?
Rosa: De segundo quiero pollo con patatas fritas.
Carlos: De segundo quiero lubina con ensalada.
Rosa: Y un poco de pan, por favor.
Camarero: Muy bien.
(30 minutes later…)
Camarero: ¿Quieren postre?
Rosa: Sí, ¿tienes helado de chocolate?
Camarero: Sí.
Carlos: Muy bien. Dos helados de chocolate, por favor.
Rosa: Y dos cafes cortados.
Camarero: Vale.
Rosa y Carlos: Muchas gracias.

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